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November 23, 2010

Making Twitter Work for a Specialty Medical Practice (Like ENT)

I've been asked by a few ENT colleagues how I got Twitter to work for my practice and how in the world I managed to get more than a few dozen followers.

I've been at it for about 1 year now (up to 355 followers @FauquierENT) and here are a few tips to making it work for a medical practice... Just an opinion... And it may not apply to everyone...

• When you tweet something, always back it up with a useful link to a webpage using a link shortner like or
• Tweet about topics that the LAY-PERSON would find interesting. Twittering about "Outcomes of Vascularized Bone Graft Reconstruction of the Mandible in Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws" is NOT going to garner you fans even if you personally as an ENT find it riveting reading. An example of a good tweet I recently posted is "Do Cell Phone Makers Secretly Know Cell Phones May Cause Health Problems?"
• Follow people you find interesting. They will follow you back typically and their followers will slowly start to follow you. Given I twitter about ENT topics, I make it a point to follow ALL otolaryngologists, respected medical journalists, and health related newspapers.
• Write a blog and use twitter to "advertise" your blog article.
• ADVERTISE on your website that you have a twitter account.
• Be active with tweets. Potential followers will not be that excited to follow you if you have something interesting to say only once every few weeks.
• IF you come across something interesting in a medical journal, tweet it, and support it with a link.

So there you have it... Now go sign up with twitter and don't forget to follow my tweets!

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