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September 10, 2012

Yoga Pose to Treat Ear Pain or Pressure

So here's something I learned about yoga...

There is a yoga pose called Karnapidasana which can supposedly cure ear pain and pressure gradually over time. The term derives from "Karna" meaning ear and "Pida" which means pain, discomfort, or pressure.

So... who knows? Give it a try... if you can physically do it safely.

DISCLAIMER: Not recommended for those who are not flexible. Also, not something I personally recommend to treat ear pain and pressure.


  1. I LOVE your website, it's so informative. I live in Dallas, Tx and when I google info for head and neck, your website pops up with links that I can navigate to that are so helpful! I am contemplating on retaking a trip to Virginia for an appointment. Thank you so much for being so passionate, educated and sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting, I'm going to try this pose in yoga I believe it's called deaf man pose, very imformative :-)


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