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May 03, 2013

What's That Yellow Pollen Coating My Car Windows?

Every spring, a yellow coating of pollen covers everything, most noticeably car windows. For many people with allergies, this yellow pollen is the cause of all their sinus and nasal misery triggering bouts of sneezing, sniffling, water eyes, etc.

However, this yellow pollen produced by pine trees is NOT a significant allergy trigger. When it comes to allergy, the biggest culprits are the pollen you can not see. Such springtime microscopic pollen that IS the culprit for allergies come from trees (non-pine) and grasses.

So don't demonize the yellow pollen! Unless, of course, you are upset that the car now needs to be washed/cleaned.

If you are curious what you may be allergic to, you can get allergy tested. Or, try an over-the-counter anti-histamine, many of which used to be prescriptions.

Here's a complete list of allergy medications and how they work.

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