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February 21, 2007

New Audio & Video Exam of a Posterior Glottic Web Causing Noisy Breathing Posted!

A new video and audio examination of a patient with posterior glottic web after a traumatic and prolonged (2 week) intubation after a motor vehicle accident is posted. A posterior glottic web is a scar band that spans across the back aspect of one to the other vocal cord preventing it from opening fully. Such a restriction would restrict airflow resulting in "noisy" breathing as demonstrated in this sample.

February 17, 2007

Fauquier ENT Mentioned in Newspaper!

Dr. Chang was quoted in the Fauquier Times-Democrat Newspaper. The article was about blogging. Read the full article here.


In Warrenton, Fauquier Ear, Nose & Throat Consultants maintain an active blog on office news and medical innovations for readers, not all of whom are local patients.

"People from all over the world are visiting," said Dr. Christopher Y. Chang, who created the blog as "the most convenient way to organize office news items over time in an easily searchable and archived format. Plus it is free."

February 14, 2007

Office Closed Due to Weather and Email Errors Due to Server Crash

Our office has been closed from 2/13/07 to 2/14/07 due to severe weather conditions. Also, the server handling our email has crashed sometime in 2/13/07. Technicians are working to get this back up so patients can email us. Please call/fax to get in touch with us until repairs have been made (hopefully soon!).

ADDENDUM (2/16/07): Email is working now... Thank you for your patience.

February 11, 2007

Article in USA Today on Vocal Cord Dysfunction

I read this article in USA Today on vocal cord dysfunction and though this condition does exist, I do believe it is over-diagnosed. Another common cause of stridor with exercise is due to non-organic stridor where the vocal cords are so pliable, they vibrate even when they are widely apart, especially in young female athletes.

The key for diagnosis is to perform a fiberoptic laryngoscopy when symptommatic. Previous patients of mine know that I make them run laps around our office building until they start having symptoms at which time I will perform the exam. Here is more info on this particular topic.

Article in USA Today on Spasmodic Dysphonia

On January 15, 2007, an article appeared on spasmodic dysphonia in USA Today. Click here to read the article.

Dr. Chang treats patients with spasmodic dysphonia using BOTOX every Friday afternoon. To watch a video of how exactly her performs this procedure in a patient, click here.

Books on voice therapy found to be a useful ADJUNCT to botox injections:

February 05, 2007

New Video and Audio of True Vocal Cord Swelling in a Singer

A new audio and video strobe examination of a singer with true vocal cord swelling has been posted here. This example clearly demonstrates the hourglass gap with vocal cord adduction due to the swelling as well as onset delays and pitch breaks common in this particular disorder.

Vocal cord swelling is a very common and treatable cause of hoarseness in singers and in people who just plain like to talk a lot. It is considered the first stage before formation of nodules/polyps/cysts if not treated.

LECTURE: Anatomy & Function of the Singing Voice

Dr. Chang has been invited to be a guest lecturer at Shenandoah University to give a talk on the human voice in the course "Anatomy & Function of the Singing Voice". The lecture will be held at Shenandoah University from 4-6PM on March 21, 2007.

LECTURE: The Human Voice

Dr. Chang will be giving a two part lecture series on the human voice in both health and disease in Fauquier Hospital, sycamore room on May 2 and May 23 from 7-9PM.

The lectures are both free and geared towards the non-health professional. Please pre-register by calling 540-341-0805.

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VIDEO: How Does the Human Voicebox Work?


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