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November 17, 2008

Explore Flu Trends Across the US

Google has discovered that certain spikes in search terms related to flu symptoms actually is a great indicator of flu activity. Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity in your state up to 2 weeks faster than traditional systems including the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Check it out!

November 12, 2008

New Video Uploaded of ABductor Spasmodic Dysphonia

A new video stroboscopy of a patient with ABductor spasmodic dysphonia has been uploaded. Audio of his speech pattern has also been posted. Check it out here.

The direct video link is here.

Books on voice therapy found to be a useful ADJUNCT to botox injections:

November 07, 2008

My Voice is Too High (or Too Low)!

A new webpage has been posted describing the unique situation where the voice is too high or too low for a given person's gender. For example, a man may have a voice that is so high-pitched that he may often be mistaken for a woman over the phone. Even some women may find their voice to be too high often sounding like a little girl.

In the reverse situation, some woman may find their vocal pitch to be so low that they may be mistaken for a man.

In yet another scenario, some trans-gender patients may find that their voice may not fit with their new gender.

This webpage goes into each of these scenarios and possible treatments.

November 04, 2008

New Video of Adenoidectomy Uploaded

A new video showing how adenoidectomy is performed has been uploaded to our YouTube channel. Click here to watch the video on YouTube or you can watch it below.

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VIDEO: How Does the Human Voicebox Work?


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